Closing Screening: Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Closing Screening: Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

Join us for the ninth annual Wildlife Conservation Film Festival.
The Columbia University Club and the Penn Club are honored to host the closing screening and reception for this award winning festival.

6-6:30 PM │Registration
6:30-8:00 PM │Screening, discussion, and reception

**Panel discussion with: Dr. Nadia Rubio, Geoff Spanner, Andrea Walji, Diana Soto, Tim Arnold, Daniel Bowden, Murat Eyuboglu and Holly Hunter.

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Current screening list

Maybe Just a Fairytale | 5 minutes
Geoff Spanner*, Producer & Director
Country: Australia
A whimsical film about abundant Australian wildlife with a warning not to let it become a lost fairytale.

Pangolins: Scale of the Trade | 5 minutes
Andrea Walji*, Producer & Director
Country: United Kingdom
A film about the most trafficked mammal in the world – Pangolins

Not A Pet | 5 minutes
Andrea Walji*, Producer & Director
Country: United Kingdom
Not A Pet looks at the illegal wildlife pet trade, and the role social media plays in the parading and trading of exotic animals online.

Holbox Island: Humans and Nature
15 minutes
Dr. Nadia Rubio*, Producer & Director
Country: Mexico
Holbox Island narrates short stories related to the landscapes of a small fishing town where the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea meet.

African Drivers: A Lion Light Story
30 minutes
Hector Salgado, Director
Country: Kenya | World Premiere
The Maasai, innovation, and conservation. A film capturing the daily experience of preserving community, African wildlife and landscape.

Kipatsi, Nija, Añaantsi: Land, Water, Life
10 minutes
Murat Eyuboglu*, Director
Country: Peru
Follow Asháninka communities of the Peruvian Andes as they pay tribute to their sacred sites along the Kipaí, a stream that flows into the Amazon River.

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival’s mission is to inform, engage and inspire audiences about the need for and importance of the protection of global biodiversity.