An Ivy Invitation – Maximize Leadership Presence with Acting Improv!

An Ivy Invitation – Maximize Leadership Presence with Acting Improv!

Maximize Leadership Presence with Acting Improv! at the Cornell Club

In this program you will learn how to (1) increase collaboration and productivity with improv and the “yes and” mindset, (2) improve emotional intelligence (be “in the moment” and “read” your business listeners), and (3) have more innovative problem-solving by enhancing creativity and imagination.  Attendees take away techniques to think quickly on your feet, speak with confidence, and  meet the changing needs of clients, prospects and stakeholders, to get to YES faster and increase your power to influence.  Extra bonus: You can win a complimentary coaching session by phone or skype with our speaker, Maria Guida;  be sure to bring a business card to enter the raffle:  you have to be IN it to WIN it!

Maria Guida works with leaders who want to develop power speaking skills, to be more persuasive, productive and profitable. With her experience as an actor on Broadway, TV and film (working with Paul Newman, James Earl Jones and Kevin Kline), she works with executives to enhance their credibility and leadership presence.  Her clients include executives at American Express, PricewaterhouseCoopers, JPMorgan Chase, and Johnson & Johnson.  Maria is an expert in the improv techniques of Viola Spolin and the original Second City (forerunner of Saturday Night Live).  She studied acting improvisation with Alan Arkin and master improviser John Monteith (of “Monteith & Rand”, who appeared regularly on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.)

Reception: 6PM, Lecture: 6:30PM

Free for members. Registration is required by Friday, November 24th.

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