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Club News

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CUCNY Holiday Gathering December 2020

Did you miss the CUCNY Holiday Gathering? You don’t miss all the fun.

CUCNY Holiday Recipes

*Extra – Margot Katz’s Latkes and Apple Sauce Recipes graciously shared with us by CUCNY Member Marty Katz.

CUCNY Scavenger Hunt List

*Scavenger Hunt Prize Winner – Marilyn Carol, Pauline Lam, Judith Parker, James Profestas, Peter Tomao

Prize: $25 off 21-22 membership dues.

Clubhouse Holiday Closings

The clubhouse and administrative offices will be closed for:

Christmas on Thursday, December 24 and Friday, December 25.

Columbia University Club Dues

No initiation fee.

Annual 2020-2021 Dues:

  • $25 ~ Current Students (Proof of enrollment is required.)
  • $50 ~ Applicants 21-28 years of age
  • $100 ~ Applicants 29-34 years of age
  • $200 ~ Applicants 35+ years of age
  • $50 ~ Applicants 65+ years of age
  • Spouse fees are 50% of the member’s dues rate.

*The dues listed above do not include sales tax (8.875%).

Join today!

Note: CUCNY 2020-2021 dues are required to be eligible for Penn Club membership. 

Not ready to affiliate with the Penn Club?
Contact [email protected] for more information.

Columbia University Club Forms

Please return all forms to [email protected] or to the Columbia University Club of New York, Membership Office, P.O. Box 3351, New York, New York 10163-3351

Membership Applications:

Common Application for the Columbia Club and the Penn Club

Common Application for the Columbia Club and the Penn Club – Fillable PDF

Other Forms:

Columbia University Club Resignation Form

Update My Member Profile Form

Mailing Address

The Columbia University Club of New York has a new mailing address.

P.O. Box 3351
New York, New York 10163-3351