Penn Club Women in Business Present: Strategy Meets Authenticity

Penn Club Women in Business Present: Strategy Meets Authenticity

Hosted by the Penn Club. The event is open to all Columbia University Club of New York members.  

Women are expected to make tough choices in the name of self-empowerment and professional advancement, sometimes to the point that they lose themselves. To a great degree, despite the so-called progression of society, this is still expected, but why? The problem stems from society’s desensitization to women’s sacrifices, so the concept and the actualization of empowerment and success for the 21st-century professional woman don’t align. Strategic challenges and reasonable expectations for the preservation of one’s dignity and authenticity need to be reviewed — in short, women need to “spruce” their philosophy for success to progress through the professional arena without sacrificing their true selves.

This panel features Columbia affiliated celebrated authors Skye Cleary (How to Be Authentic: Simone de Beauvoir and the Quest for Fulfillment), Stacey Vanek Smith (Machiavelli for Women) and Prof. Chris Salboudis (CEO, Philo4Thought Inc.), who will discuss strategies for self-empowerment and the preservation of one’s authentic self.

Open to all Columbia Club members. Tickets are $25.