The Gilded Age: Part 2 – The Heyday of High Society Walking Tour With Kevin Draper

The Gilded Age: Part 2 – The Heyday of High Society Walking Tour With Kevin Draper

The Gilded Age: The Heyday of High Society takes you back through the history of the American Industrial Revolution and explores the lives and dynamics of the titans of American business; John Jacob Astor, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and more. Discover their inspiring rise to great fortune and power, the dynamics of the empires they built, the power struggles between them. Get to know the high times and intimate details of their personal lives. On this tour you will travel through millionaire’s row to see some of their lavish mansions, elite private social clubs and museums that house treasures of the self-made American royalty. Points of interest will include: The Metropolitan Club, Tiffany’s, St Regis, The MoMA , Rockefeller Center, and more.


Pricing is $30 per person with the Columbia Club discount. Open to all Columbia Club members and their guests.


 Kevin Draper

Kevin Draper is the co-founder of New York Historical Tours. An impassioned New Yorker, Kevin brings to life the stories and history that have made New York the most exciting and dynamic city in the world. This includes looking at New York not just as the w, dynamic city that never sleeps but the diverse and exciting collection of neighborhoods that never sleep. His knowledge, professionalism, and storytelling ability have earned him rave reviews. Kevin has led historical talks and lectures for top universities and Fortune 500 companies and has been a consultant to a variety of publications including CBS, ABC, Bloomberg, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.