A Society for Longer Lives: A Presentation by Dr. Ursula Staudinger

A Society for Longer Lives: A Presentation by Dr. Ursula Staudinger

“We have more life time available – but we have to seize it and shape it.”

Dr. Ursula Staudinger

The Health and Wellness Committee are honored to welcome Dr. Ursula M. Staudinger to the Columbia University Club of New York.

Dr. Ursula M. Staudinger is an internationally acclaimed lifespan psychologist and aging researcher. She is known for her work on the positive plasticity of aging (cognition, personality) as well as her research on resilience and on wisdom. Recently she has conducted groundbreaking studies to better understand the effects of the work setting as an important developmental context in adult life.

She is the founding director of the new Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center (CAC). The Aging Lab of the CAC is conducting interdisciplinary aging research and the International Longevity Center (ILC) USA focuses on knowledge transfer to policy makers, companies, as well as the general public. The ILC builds on the legacy of Robert N. Butler and is part of the seventeen-member, multinational ILC – Global Alliance consortium that seeks to help societies address longevity and population aging in positive and productive ways.

She publishes her work in top-level Journals like Annual Review of Psychology, Psychology and Aging, Journals or Gerontology, Developmental Psychology or Ageing and Society. As co-chair of the National Academy Network on the future of Aging, she co-authored the Recommendations “More Years, More Life”.

Prior to coming to Mailman, Dr. Staudinger was the Founding Dean of the Jacobs Center on Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development at Jacobs University Bremen, had a Professorship at Dresden University and was a Senior Research at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development.  She is the Vice President of the German National Academy of Sciences and Chairwoman of the Board of the Federal Institute for Population Research.

Dr. Staudinger is a lifespan psychologist and an internationally acknowledged aging researcher. Her research focuses on the opportunities and challenges of increases in average life expectancy. She investigates the potentials of aging by studying the plasticity of the aging process (e.g. cognition or personality), as well the development of life insight, life management, and wisdom over the life span. Her findings have yielded helpful advice for living, work, and education during this time of unprecedented demographic change.

Do you want to know more before the lecture?

World Population Day: Exclusive Interview with Project M
In an exclusive video interview with PROJECT M, Ursula Staudinger argues that depopulation is not only economically sustainable, but that it would also address two of the greatest challenges of modern times: environmental sustainability and demographic change. As a nation’s population decreases, so does its environmental footprint and, in this post-growth phase of world population development, societies would be forced to focus on qualitative rather than quantitative growth.

Live Talk at the Nobel Week Dialogue
In her plenary contribution “Change and Growth – a Paradox?” Ursula Staudinger spoke about the opportunities of societies of longer lives. Based on her research, she challenges the notion that aging and shrinking populations put an end to economic growth and innovation.

Ursula Staudinger in TIME
24-year-old TIME editor Jack Dickey wants to find out more about his future retirement and asks several experts what to expect. Ursula Staudinger tells him that the healthiest seniors are the ones who keep working. Moreover, she says that retirement as we have long known it wastes the healthy minds of good people.

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